About Jon-sel.

Jon-Sel Gourkan is a British Turkish actor/comic. He was born in Kingston-Upon-Thames.


Jon-Sel has played professional football in Turkey and performed in a band called Word on the Street who supported many well-known UK pop acts such as 5ive, Westlife and 911 having played major arenas across the United Kingdom including Wembley. When the band disbanded he had a short solo career having one of his singles 21st Century Man appear on the US version of 'Queer as Folk'.


Having performed from a young age he majorly impressed Sir Richard Attenborough whilst auditioning for Chaplin the movie in which he very nearly landed the role of playing a young Charlie yet the part was disbanded.


Jon-Sel had always been involved in showcasing his acting ability from a young age and British director Matthew Warchus offered sponsorship when Jon-Sel was planning to join the National Youth Theatre.


He has appeared at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre acting alongside Ralph Fiennes and Alex Kingston and had a lead role playing Joe Vegas in Fame the musical directed by the talented Karen Bruce.

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